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Community Based Day Services 

Our community-based day programs provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to be part of their communities through employment, attending college, participating in recreational activities, and volunteering. We use a range of supports to help each individual achieve their goals and obtain a sense of accomplishment.

Building Positive Relationships

Community Living of Rhode Island, Inc., operates 100% Community-Based Day Program services, and our Customized Employment-Based Support is tailored to an individual’s needs and ability. Our Day Program Services are designed to provide individuals with Intellectual Disabilities with the ability and opportunity to improve on individuals’ Productivity through gainful Employment opportunities, Community integration/Inclusion and Independence.


This is built upon functional daily life skills of individuals to ensure that they are receiving services and the skills necessary to be as self-reliant as individually possible. 


These programs are designed to help Service recipients or Participants improve their independence and participate in relationships and community life with greater focus on becoming gainfully employed and earning competitive “Living wages.” 


Community Living of RI, places high priority on vocational learning because it helps individuals understand the types of careers that are available, and which ones they may want to pursue later in life. These activities help most of our Participants think about which vocations may be suitable for them and how they can enter their chosen vocations.

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