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Joseph N. Onyejose, BS, MBA

Chairman / CEO


One of our qualities at Community Living of Rhode Island Incorporated is our Brand – which is an enduring promise of Reliability, Creativity and Innovation. Our Participants and family members tell us repeatedly that reliability, quality care and trust are some of the most important factors in choosing a Service Provider.

Organizational Synopsis

As a tradition at Community Living, there is no greater joy of responsibility than to deliver quality support services with passion and love. Every day we advocate for Respect, Dignity and Safety for all in non-restrictive ways. This may sound so simple, but when you consider doing this for over eighty adults with special needs, it is a daunting challenge. And one we honestly and proudly accept.

Our Direct Support Professionals “DSP”, Program managers, Coordinators, Nursing, Directors and the Associate Executive Director are responsible for keeping the Participants safe, well dignified and in good health at all times. They also, kept our whole daily operations run smoothly 24 seven without any interruption. In spite of the inherent risk involved in our daily operations, the employees of Community Living remain calm under pressure and get their job done. When these challenges arise, they work diligently to keep the participant safe and dignified which minimizes the impact on both the participants and their family members.

In an effort to keep improving on our person-centered service delivery methodology, we formed an emergency response team that go above and beyond their call of duties. This is called “family”. At Community Living, we are a family on a journey that gears towards transforming the frontiers of human services; especially for the individuals with special needs. We strongly believe that the key to creating a great craft is to disregard the status quo, and allow our environment to inspire us. The tool, which we affectionately refer to as emergency response team brings immediate solutions to precarious situation in no distance time without compromising participants’ safety, dignity and healthiness. In life, the most important investment you can make should be made with the people you can trust. At Community Living, our business is more than a company it is the peoples’ business.

Our emergency response team has also resulted in cost savings for our company. As Participants and their family members satisfaction has improved, episodic aggression has declined drastically. The sophisticated and well-structured management team we put in place at Community Living is just one of the many ways we drive innovation and efficiency to improve reliability and trustworthiness. Knowing that this is a journey and never a destination, we commit that we will continue to foster family, by increasing our passionate pursuit of this never-ending journey with destiny.



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