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A Pace - Setter - Agency

Community Living of Rhode Island is a diversified dynamic Agency that goes above and beyond support provisions to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). We recognize and appreciate personal uniqueness and cultural diversity. We offer personalized assistance that builds upon individual strengths and abilities. We empower individuals to exercise choice and take charge of their own lives.  We are a family-oriented organization and our main objective is to encourage self-advocacy, access to community life, providing opportunities to seek employment in a competitive integrated setting, and the development of other social, behavioral, and daily living skills.

Other than our commitment to helping individuals lead full quality lives as independently as possible, what sets us apart is our willingness to carefully mitigate risks when developing new models of services that are in line with evidence-based practices, and by listening to the individuals and families. This art of human innovation has led the Service Recipients in participating in various employment readiness training that is backed up with structured support services that meet their individual needs.

Recognizing the fact that the abilities of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities change as they grow and develop into older individuals, we value their common humanity, by honoring their desires and choices in making a life for themselves. It is their connection to the community through quality support services that open the door to new and enjoyable relationships. 


To this end, we focus on Employment for all initiatives and have designed recreational and social programs which broaden one’s connections and improved self-esteem that ultimately prepares individuals in acquiring new skills, natural support, and friendships.


In our great state of Rhode Island, Community Living of Rhode Island serves as a vehicle for participants to explore and engage in meaningful and purposeful activities based on individual preferences and needs identified in their person-centered Individual Service Plan. We empower our participants in the Development and attainment of self-determination. We ensure that supports provided are designed to enable participants to enrich their lives and enjoy a full range of community activities by providing opportunities for developing, enhancing, and maintaining competency in personal, social, and community activities.

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