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Residential Support

Community Living of Rhode Island, Inc., provides 24-hour Residential Services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. This program is designed to afford enormous opportunities for Participants to live successfully in their communities. 

Day Program Services

Our Day Program Services are designed to provide individuals with Intellectual Disabilities with the ability and opportunity to improve on individuals’ Productivity through gainful Employment opportunities, Community integration/Inclusion and Independence. 

Independent Living

This support is designed to include assessment of individual needs and implementation such as, assistance in Adaptive daily skills, Job development and interview building skills, Seeking admission to schools and providing supports while at classroom taking lectures. CLRI helps the Participants in maintaining and securing decent homes or apartments. 

Welcome To Community Living of Rhode Island

Community Living of Rhode Island Inc., (CLRI) recognizes the important needs of individuals with intellectual Disabilities, their parents and family members; hence we build our strength of supports around individual’s strengths and interests which enables them to develop skills that are functional and meaningful in every day’s life.

We do this by providing individuals with opportunities for growth in a loving, trusting and challenging environment. CLRI creates an environment that provides as many opportunities as possible, for individualized experiences in a wide range of natural community settings that directly and positively enhances the lives of many people with Intellectual Disabilities.

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