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Residential Support

Residential Services

Community Living of Rhode Island, Inc., provides 24-hour Residential Services to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. This program is designed to afford enormous opportunities for Participants to live successfully in their communities with Dignity, Respect, Safety and full participation. Here at Community Living, we design some environmental and programmatic safeguards that protect the Participants, our neighbors and community members to the extent possible; from behaviors that pose a risk to people or property and/or interfere with the rights of others. Our structured homely environment affords the Participants the opportunity to make positive choices, resolve or manage behaviors that require intensive intervention and supervision.

CLRI Residential Programs provides shared support services to three or four adult individuals living together in the comfort of their homes respectively; in accordance with Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) regulations. In all our Residential Programs, support services are tailored to individuals’ needs, with adequate Care, Skills Training and Supervision in a less restrictive setting. Our Support Services include assistance with improvement in skills related activities, Activities of Daily Living ADL; Behavior modification plans, Management of Aggressive Behaviors, Employment search and Job retention, Education and learning skills, Social and Sexuality skills training.

Generally, support services in all CLRI Residential programs are Person-Centered which foster and maintain independence by creating an environment that provides as many opportunities as possible for an individualized experience.

Alternative Residential Setting (ARS)

Since “Variety is the Spice of Life”, our Alternative Residential Setting complements that quote; by establishing the most desired cost effective and innovative living arrangements ever. A choice that is individually centered, ARS is becoming the wave of the future. This is a living condition where two or three individuals live together as roommates in a three bedroom apartment model. They share a common well furnished living room for relaxation, kitchen and varieties of modern living amenities.

This apartment model living condition removes such stigma like the traditional group home, and provides Residents the opportunity to live in middle class apartment complexes, enjoying all the recreational amenities that abound. In line with our operational model, CLRI design this apartment model for the best interest of the Residents considering geographical locations, Age, interests, physical ability, and the level of support needed by each of the roommates. All these matching factors help CLRI in determining the best fit of support arrangements needed from one apartment model to another. When roommates share commonalities on a daily basis, it improves socialization and everyday quality of life.