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Employment Zone

Employment First

In compliance with the US Department of Labor, Office of Disability and Employment Policy (ODEP), Community Living of Rhode Island has fully embarked in systems redesign and change efforts that helped improve on our 100 % community based Integrated Employment opportunities for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Our efforts and direction in this instance was borne out of the growing support for on-going National movement called Employment First Initiative, “a frame work for system change that is centered on the premise that all citizens, including individuals with significant disabilities, are capable of full participation in Integrated Employment and Community life.” ODEP. Under this dispensation; CLRI have been developing and placing our Participants in well paid employment opportunities.

CLRI Employment Club

Our employment club ensures that Participants receive updates on latest workplace relations and prepares them on how to comply with Employers policies and procedures, to avoid getting fire from the jobs they cherish so dear. Also, Participants learn how to foster a more harmonious and productive work environment and be able to identify difficult workplace situations and who to confide in during the club’s meeting sessions.

Integrated Employment

As delineated by ODEP CLRI focuses on works paid directly by employers at the greater of minimum or prevailing wages with commensurate benefits, occurring in a typical work setting where the employee with a disability interacts or has the opportunity to interact continuously with co-workers without disabilities, as an opportunity for advancement and job mobility; preferably in a full-time employment capacity. Community Living of Rhode Island utilizes the four components of Customized Employment such as: Discovery, Job Search Planning, Job Development / Negotiation and Post -Employment Support to obtain diverse gainful competitive employments with competitive wages for our Participants.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Knowing that Humans are by nature, social beings, our Employment First Initiatives department help pioneered the concept of entrepreneurial ventures and turned them into thriving operations of vocational, school and sporting activities while training participants for full-time community employment. Our services and programs meet individuals wherever they are, as we move together to a whole new level. We personalize services to meet our participant’s needs, wishes, strengths and challenges as they anticipate their ever changing needs.