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Our History

Community Living of Rhode Island Incorporated (CLRI) was founded in October 2001 by its present Chairman/CEO Mr. Joseph Onyejose and his wife Mrs. Mary Onyejose the Executive Director. After so many years of working experiences in the State of Massachusetts, supporting the adult population with Developmental and Mental health Disabilities, we developed the passion and interest in expanding those learned quality services to the Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities here in in the State of Rhode Island. In the State of Massachusetts we spent several years providing dependable staffing Supports Services to the then Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) and Department of Mental Health (DMH) Provider Agencies, by utilizing our then Staffing Agency “MHSA” that was formed in 1997 for that purpose.

Our journey was borne out of passion for selfless services to humanity, for the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. When we relocated to Rhode Island in 1999, our burning desires to serving individuals with Intellectual Dis abilities brought us in contact with the then Rhode Island Department of Mental Health Retardation and Hospitals (MHRH), now Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH), which led to the establishment of Community Living of Rhode Island, Incorporated “CLRI”. Fulfilling a desire by the special grace of God is just the beginning, because this “Life is a journey and never a destination”.

Since our formation, CLRI has become a “place to turn” for support and quality services by parents and family members of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. Our uniqueness in service delivery has brought peace of mind to many families, through full participation and community integration available to the Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities. We were able to accomplish these goals by utilizing creativity, resourcefulness, commitment and “the milk of human kindness.”

Our Vision

Community Living of Rhode Island Inc., (CLRI) recognizes the important needs of individuals with intellectual Disabilities, their parents and family members; hence we build our strength of supports around individual’s strengths and interests which enables them to develop skills that are functional and meaningful in every day’s life.

We do this by providing individuals with opportunities for growth in a loving, trusting and challenging environment. CLRI creates an environment that provides as many opportunities as possible, for individualized experiences in a wide range of natural community settings that directly and positively enhances the lives of many people with Intellectual Disabilities.

Brand Promise

Community Living of Rhode Island is a trusted symbol of Service, Reliability and Compassion. We are dedicated to the principles of accountability by translating service delivery into quality and managed care. Our employees training and development programs has improved our capacity in employees retention, and has earned us a place among the industry leaders. We provide a broad range of person-centered services in the most normal and least restrictive settings possible, such as: Employment First Initiatives, Coaching and teaching; which is centered on functional skill development, communication, recreational skills, domestic responsibilities, community awareness and integration, social development, and vocational learning. CLRI value individual’s relationship and work diligently on a daily basis to honor the trust placed on us.

Our brand is an enduring and fundamental component of our promise to the Service Recipients, family members, friends and the community as a whole; that we will continue to deliver innovative customized services, by finding solutions to issues in the most caring environment that exceeds expectations.