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Executive Director / Co-Founder

Mary A. Onyejose, BS. MSc.

Executive Director / Co-Founder


Executive Director and co-founder of CLRI. Mary is a leader and an inspiration to many in the field of human services. Mary has a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Psychology, Leadership Development and Coaching. She is a certified trainer in First Aide, CPR, CPI, and Safety Care. Mary radiates high motivational energy to all CLRI employees and the participants alike. As an advocate for the Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, she maintains membership with two most powerful National Associations in this industry: The American Network of Community Options Resources “ANCOR” and the Association of People Supporting Employment First “APSE”

She exudes hope, enthusiasm, brightens every situation and put smiles on the faces of the most vulnerable in our communities. She utilizes high standards of excellence when instituting innovative ideas in developing employees and their career growth opportunities. The field of human services has been very exciting and a learning experience for Mary, and has enabled her to combine hard work and mentoring with the thrill of extending human service frontiers.

Over 24 years of experience in this industry has become a useful launching pad for Mary in dealing with the challenges ahead. An integral part of Mary’s professional responsibilities has been service to the community and the world in general. She has created and maintained mechanisms for short-term and long-term planning in the areas of service delivery for the elderly, children and adults with intellectual disabilities.