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Community Living of Rhode Island 2016 Participants Prom

On June 24, 2016, Community Living of Rhode Island “CLRI” embarked on its first Hollywood (Warwick wood) Glamorous Prom. Following a thoughtful consideration that some staff, and mostly the Participants never had the opportunity of a prom experience, the PROM idea was brought forth at CLRI. On this glamorous evening, all the participants and staff including some family members came to the Knights of Columbus in Warwick Rhode Island, dressed up in gorgeous prom dresses ready to dance and party the night away. The night was hosted and narrated by one and only CLRI Kelly Deshaies; RN, BSN. The highlight of 2016 Prom was the “Red Carpet”. Participants and staff alike strutted themselves down the red carpet to some music such as Right Said Fred- “I’m too sexy”, Black-eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling,” and Michael Jacksons, “Billy-Jean” and many more. Participants and staff in unison showed us their moves to dances like the CHA CHA Slide and WHIP and NAE NAE. Photos of Participants and Staff were taken on a back drop that projected the Grammy Awards night. Following the “serious” pictures the participants and staff loosed up and used props to take funny pictures and selfies. The night was a huge success. CLRI looks forward to the next big prom- Come 2017.

CLRI participant Eric, dancing away the evening with CLRI day program manager, Ms. Cheri Avedisian.

Ms. Kristen, who lives with her family and attends CLRI day program, joyously posing with mom.

CLRI participants, Mrs. Mary Onyejose (CLRI Executive Director) and some staff on the dance floor doing the CHA CHA moves.

Captured here is one of the Hollywood style postures by the beau, Alfred Douglas and his date Meghan Carney-Houser

A cross section of Prom attendees, dancing away the night.

Mr. Joseph Onyejose (CLRI Chairman & CEO) interacting with Ms. Joyce Lefebvre, CLRI Staff Accountant.